About Us

The Company

Estrong Group

PT. Estrong Nusantara Mandiri (ENM) is established in 2012 as 100 % Indonesian company. We are initially focusing on production of construction chemical products for Estop brand in Indonesia market. We are experienced in formulation, production and application of wide range construction chemical products: dry mortars, cementitious powder products (grouts, flooring, repairs, waterproofing, shotcrete), epoxy, bonding agents, admixtures. We are supported by experienced personnel with more than 15 years experiences in international construction chemicals companies with wide experiences in many construction and building industries.
Our production, laboratory facilities and experience technical support will help you to solve any construction and building problems.

Company Vision & Mission

Vision  : To be well known Indonesian Company with Indonesia’s expert, global quality  and preferred supplier in the construction chemical business

Mission :

  • Creating product solutions for customers by giving additional value of the products
  • To help customer to solve construction & concrete related problem with right product and application
  • Customer Satisfaction is our priority, provide high quality products, delivery and experienced technical services.

Trusted Partners

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